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FSP introduced power supplies with a new 124-26 power connector to replace the original 12VHPWR

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The PCI-SIG organization hasn’t fully adopted the new PCIe PowerConnector (UPV-26) standard, which will replace the 12VHPWR connector. Even though the batteries were faulty, FSP presented the first of the power supplies with a 12V-26 connector at a recent South Korea event, Quasarzone reports. The manufacturer also provided additional information on that new connector.

Image source: Quasarzone.

The new 12V-26 connector will be available for three power supplies: the flagship model HydropTM X Pro ATX 3.0 12V-26, the mid-range model Hydro G Pro 1200W ATX 3.0 12V-26, and the compact Dagger Pro ATX 3.0 12V-26 power supply for computer assemblies in mini-ITX format. There are many obvious visual differences between the 12VHPWR connector and the new 12V-26, namely new connector markings, increased pin socket depth (from 2,2 to 4,45 mm) and increased auxiliary signal spring size (from 1. 69.5 mm to 1,709.5 mm).

Source of images: TechPowerUp.

Image Source: FSP.

The new connector 12V-26 even has a shorter signal length (from 4 to 2,5 mm). This will prevent the overheating and melting of the power ringed cable by the splinter if the power supply fails a short stop.

The new power cable for the GeForce RTX 4070 FE (left) and the old for the GeForce RTX 4080 FE (right) are available. Image Source: Igors LAB.

When building a new PCIe power connector, PCI-SIG was able to solve the main problem of the original 12VHPWR lack contact with the connector because the load was too heavy. It’s noted that the new 12V-26 problem is solved. But along with that, other connectors have also been changed. According to FSP, the new 12V-26 has the following features:

current at least 9,2 A, per contact, with all 12 contact active and temperature at 30 degrees Celsius above ambient at 12 VDC; the rms value of the current should not exceed 55 A, in one direction or in another; Power cables and contacts must comply with specified current and thermal limits; The connector must carry a pulling force of at least 45 N, the output must support a pull force of 45 N.

Either way, updating the software has been necessary. According to Quasarzone, FSP plans on building up the new 12V-26 power connector in mid-October. Despite its price, no one will take the plunge.

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