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Funko Games announced new five nights at Freddy’s tabletop

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The game will be made for the first time in the gaming competition, when radio games reveal the concept of a new tabletop game based on five nights of Freddy’s. This game is called Five Nights at Freddy’s FightLine, and it’ll likely be a collectible battle game where you’ll buy a pack of characters called FNAF. There’s no “o era” among the characters, they are all over the franchise, from the back of the original four, from the destroyed versions to the stripped-down versions, to the final of an entire game, from the moment you encounter them, and in a two-player game. You can read more about this game on the website and watch it while you are with it, so that it’s coming out as a GamesTop exclusive in October on the 1st 2023.

Credit: Funko Games

“Grab a friend and get to know him in an epic custom war! Go and compete with your favorite five night characters in Freddy’s, ranging from fan favorites to fans from around the entire franchise. Build a team whose opponents kill, to get fz coins and get the ability to play characters. For each player, one will need a special Character Pack to play. Who will you get with 16 characters and endless choices? It’s interesting to play games.

  • At Freddy’s, there are 20 character figures in Series 1. I’ve got all of them!
  • Includes 16 characters, only in Character Packs. Who are you going to get?
  • All in all, you can use the first two and the second series.
  • Mix three characters to play! Find your favourite combinations to defeat the competition.
  • Watching fast and engaging gameplay starts you to play.

Credit: Funko Games Credit: Radiogaming. Credit: Funko Games / Music: Funko games. Credit: Funko Games Credit: Funko Games

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