Further testing reveals that this is not a clear win for Windows 11 over Ubuntu Linux


Tox with an Ubuntu logo on his chest versus Windows 11

A few days ago we published a report discussing the performance of AMD Radeon cards on Windows 11 and how they compare to Ubuntu. The overall numbers favored Windows 11 by a significant margin, especially on the newer RX 7900 series GPUs based on the RDNA 3 architecture.

As a follow up, earlier today Phoronix released benchmark data for competitor Nvidia. And just like with AMD Radeon GPUs, Windows 11 seems to be the way to go over Ubuntu when you’re primarily looking to play games. Again, two Nvidia GPUs were tested, the RTX 3080 and 3090. The test bed was identical to that used in the earlier AMD comparison.

In terms of the geometric mean that includes the entire suite of gaming tests, the RTX 3080 system was 6.5% faster on Windows 11. The 3090, however, was about 8.74% better.

Windows 11 vs. Ubuntu GeoMean on Nvidia GPUs

The results are very similar to the AMD results as the more powerful the card, the bigger the gap between Windows 11 and Linux performance. This means that Linux apparently has a higher driver overhead than Windows 11, as the performance delta between the two operating systems continues to grow as we move up the GPU stack.

Interestingly, in terms of computing throughput, Ubuntu actually shines as it is able to beat Windows 11 convincingly.

Windows 11 vs. Ubuntu GeoMean on Nvidia GPUs

Curiously, the performance gap between Ubuntu and Windows 11 is very close in both of these cases, as both are just shy of 5%. This is not what was observed in the case of gaming.

The full test results, both for computing and gaming, can be seen in more detail on Phoronix’s website at the source link below.

Source and photos: Furonics


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