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G2 Mikyx pulls out triple Rakan knockup and hits first of the LEC season grand finals

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The G2 team support Mikyx is an unstoppable force in the LEC this season. During the first few minutes of the LEC Season Finals, the reigning MVP continued to lead the team out of the first round of the League of Legends grand finals.

In an early game, the turret made sure that Mikyx had gone back to the end of the day to save the day and claim a First Blood by following a three-man Rakan knockup under his own lane turret.


Hans Sama was enlisted by three members of Fnatic in the two-semeth era, and fell within an inch of his life after being hit by the combined pressure of Trymbis Alistar, Razorks Maokai and Noahs Aphelios. While Ignite pulled the chin down Hans Samas HP, he retreated with his turret while Mikyx came in and desterred the Fnatic members.

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Mikyx leaked into the frame with a flash-grownable Entrance (W) combination and caught all three gankers of Fnatics with the knockup. Especially, he caught Alistar in the combo and forced the big bull to release aggro from the turret. That eventually did enough damage to secure the first game of the game.G2 could have significantly altered the play, although, after the match, the jungler Yike brought himself up to the bottom lane shortly after the death, but Fnatics players pushed all their Flashes against his arrival, resulting in a massive early-game momentum shift in favor of G2.

In total, the second game of the series was completed with the early kills, bringing it to a total of 27 kills in 27 minutes. The two teams took on 41 kills in the game. Mikyx was one of the biggest performers in the win over the first game of the game, with a score of 2/4/19 versus a personal KDA of 5,25.

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