Gambit Concept Art shows What X-Men Spin-off Looks Like?


The Gambit film was currently under development for a certain time when the 1920ss and the 1920s Foxs occupied the X-Men rights. While a movie has never been made, no new storyboards have been created for the project.

Recently, fans discovered storyboard frames on an art gallery’s Anthony Winns page that show diverse pitch mood boards that show us a random scene from the movie. Gambit who looks very much like Channing Tatum, who would’ve played the hero can be seen throwing a kinetic charge bottle of alcohol into a fence, which explodes on the impact.

Contributed by a Senior Illustrator and a Storyboard Artist, Anthony Winn, on ArtStation.

Leo Rydel (@GeeklyGoods) December 25, 2022

The history of the Foxs trying to make a Gambit movie is long; Channing Tatum and Reid Carolin are attached to the project since the beginning of 2014. On the project, many director join the project, including Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Apes) and Doug Liman (the Bourne Identity) at a moment. However, it never seems like the film will be finished. The film isn’t so long ago that this will still be the last one, and after the merger between Disney and Fox, it seems unlikely to be any successful.

The fact that a Gambit film never was made gave the actor a little trauma. It is due to the closeness to making the project a reality, but he and his director were both aware of the importance of the realisation of the project.

As soon as I got into it, I was so traumatized, Tatum said in February. I closed the Marvel machine. I couldn’t see any of the movies. I liked the character. It was too sad. It seemed like a friend would lose because I’d be ready to play him.


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