game-news24s 2022 Golden Yachties: Favorite MMO site even madder about the P2E invasion than we are


Our yacht is made from rhodium-encrusted moonrock, and not from pure gold.

The winner was the winner.


Look, the MOP writers, the reader, and even the most haters have made it very, very clear that the crypto clown show the invasion of our genre by play-to-earn hucksters, blockchain scammers, NFT swindlers, and metaverse charlatans. Everything else’s horrifying, and we all see exactly what these companies do when they buy out struggling MMOs and try to gild them with tokens meant not to fool players but fodders.

But Connor at MMO Fallout is probably as mad as we are. He is responsible for creating crypto scams and misleading expressions such as stupid town, which are so accurate. He was first to call out Kritika for trying to sell money-loss toons. He referred to Legends of Arias token-collapse and-rename as going into witness protection, and yet I are three months later to my surprise. She asked that Tom to visit TitanReach. More like belongings to the garbage. You guys should probably be reading this site for a long time, particularly during crypto, rackets. This is cathartic.

Connor is a big guy so that he can give these games. If not, we do not have any opinions on that matter.

Would you like to nominate another winner?


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