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Game Pass is highly competitive for the whole industry, according to the CEO of PlayStation

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The Microsoft XPX has become an ardent source of success for Microsoft’s gaming efforts since it first launched. This makes the company go to a more platform-centric approach. Interestingly enough, however, Jim Ryan, PlayStation CEO, doesn’t look like a big fan.

A Q&A between Ryan and analysts from 2022 is one of several things that emerged from the recent massive Microsoft leak. While answering the questions about the company’s efforts with Game Pass, the boss stated that the initial approach to Microsoft did not work at all, which led them to large acquisitions.

Ryan added that publishers in the industry have told them they consider Game Pass value destructive not only for individual releases, but also for the entire industry. Interestingly, he commented on the last update in the year where the number of users of Game Pass stood at 25 million as of January 2022 and said that he would view PlayStation Plus as a more meaningful service.

I can say with a lot of certainty Microsoft has tried the first step, but it didn’t work at all. That has led them to big acquisition, said Ryan (via Reddit). I spoke to all the publishers. They unanimously don’t like Game Pass because it’s value-destroying, not only on individual terms, but also on industry level. The number of subscribers announced by Microsoft in January was 25 million. I’m sure everyone has their own views about this, but I was expecting a bigger number given all the money that they have spent. We have almost 50 million subscribers to PS Plus. We believe that we have a valuable subscription service.

Interestingly enough, it emerged from the leak also that Xbox boss Phil Spencer is hoping to see a significant growth in the list of subscribers by 2027 – failing that Microsoft could even abandon the gaming business. Read that on here.

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