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Gamers Filed Lawsuit in Attempting to Remove Microsoft x Activision Merger

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The demand for a new Activision Blizzard is more severe than ever. Microsoft is under the microscope since it announced plans to roll out a $69 billion merger and have all its subsidiaries under the microscope. The courts, regulators and the public are hearing it. Now, it is reported that a group of ten gamers in the U.S. have filed a lawsuit against Microsoft in order to lower the merger.

According to the recent claim that the ‘north district’ of California was filed in a lawsuit stating that if the merger was to proceed, it would have catastrophic consequences for the gaming industry. In one line, Microsoft says that it is likely to allow rivals to disperge, limit output, and reduce consumer choice, and increase prices, and further inhibit competition. At the heart of these concerns is the real worry that Microsoft is going to be one step closer to monopolising gaming.

The suit was another in the mix.

There is fear that Call of Duty might become a exclusive title under the merger.

On Thursday 20th December, a team of headstrong and determined gamers demanded an agreement against Microsoft, naming the Redmond-based firm the sole defendant. The principal thing on the papers was that: “… Then we arranged on the back of the document,” said a liar.

Microsoft already controls one of the industry’s largest and popular videogame ecosystems. The proposed acquisition would leave Microsoft the most important position in the gaming industry.

For months, Microsoft has been lobbying against monopolisation claims, saying explicitly that it intends to build more opportunities for game makers and not limit them. According to that statement, two years after the acquisition of Zenimax in which almost eight billion dollars were spent, a host of studios (including Bethesda Game Studios) came under Microsoft’s umbrella. Since then, Microsoft (and Xbox) have all but confirmed that Zenimaxs future releases will be Xbox-exclusive.

Recent, the FTC tried to block the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, and an EU commission assembled a survey to provide a solution for the business owners, publishers and distributors. In the heart of this questionnaire was the task of determining how disruptive and impactful the merger would be if it continue.

Microsoft fears to create a limited franchise called Call of Duty, but fans, critics, industry experts aren’t talking about it from the moment. The Xbox ecosystem would be a huge win for Microsoft and a great deal of revenue, and a step towards domination and monopolisation would do the industrial giant much more.

Not only that, it’ll likely kick off a chain of events with big-bucks tech firms like Sony moving to acquire as many studios as possible in retaliation.

For more information about Activision, check out the report that reports that the company was leaving to join the rise of the extortion group.

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