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Games at the Xbox Games with Gold have been announced recently

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January is almost here. Microsoft announced in the coming month, the Xbox Live Games With Gold titles are being announced.

The two games With Gold titles are on offer. Both of those games come as the Xbox One titles have stopped playing 360 games a while ago. The other games of the question are Iris.Fall and Autonauts, an an eerie adventure and an automated strategy game respectively.

But.. hang on. If there is anything missing, something’s still not present. If that’s what you’re thinking right now, don’t worry, it’s not just yours. With the usual two games, we only got one wave of Xbox Pass games in December. Hope that January is a year after service.

No matter what the award goes for January, it’s probably in its title category, but we’re not played Iris.Fall but we have defended autonauts, and it’s fun. It’s also a great way to get into programming, since you’re trying to automate your farm with robots. You haven’t found this, are you?

Once you have done a post about everything, yes. But while its doing things well, it is probably going to task you. Sure, a robot can cut trees or plant seeds, but what does it do if it breaks its tool?

So you start to wonder… what will you have for me another robotic tool? or that’s based on the task you are dealing with. But that robot will need much wood, so it’ll ensure a perfect supply.

One of the great joys is just streamlining your farm, figuring out how to reduce downtime and so on. That’s what you want and you should certainly take up the Autonauts. Remember that unlike Xbox Game Pass games, once you claim gold, you can re-download it anytime you have gold.

The games with gold will have the same effect as the games of this month.

  • Iris Fall: Available from the beginning of January to 31.
  • Autonautics: January 16-Feb.15.

You’ll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. In the next few days, you can expect Microsoft to announce the first wave of Xbox Game Pass games. Between them this is your last chance to win December’s Xbox Games With Gold.

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