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Games Done Quick will include a canine speedrunner for the first time ever

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Speedrunning events like Games Done Quick are a chance for people to break world records, while raising money. It’s been announced recently that Awesome Games Done Quick will become an in-person event. This event is the third tier of the combatant’s world title.

As for speedrunning, the AGDQ X22024 represents first time that dogs can participate in this level of competition. In a trailer video you can see whether they can break their personal best by pulling out Peanut Butter.

What game are they going to play? According to a Twitter post, Peanut Butter is going for the 1985 Games on Gyromite.

They didn’t have their first rodeo.

The dog will help PB, though JSR_ is helping to make the game with some skill. A video from this year shows they do it before, making it through the game in a time of 25:29. The basic table includes a bunch of colored buttons. These buttons are activated by Peanut Butter (for treats, on course).

In addition to the fact that JSR and PB both appear in Speedrun.com under their own category: Game B Dog Assistance, too! In the agenda of this blog, a report shows that it will not be over-in person rather than in order. The time frame is forecast to take 30 minutes instead because an online run comes on schedule and no longer being performed at all (see picture below).

We know that Peanut Butter seemed to have passed out the general notions of Gyromite. Yes, I can see that they don’t know very well what has happened and who among us isn’ the least bit tempted to watch watching movies by dogs? AGDQ is going to run in January.

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