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Games with Gold: Iris Fall is now free to claim on Xbox

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The first wave of Gold games of 2023 is available now, offering Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members access to a bonus game at no additional cost. As announced last week, the available game this time is Autumn iris For the Xbox One.

This puzzle adventure title takes players into a monochrome world where light and shadow serve as a central concept in both the art design and story. Here, players solve puzzles in 2D and 3D environments as Iris, a young girl chasing a mysterious black cat across this strange landscape.

Thanks to backwards compatibility, the Xbox Series X|S can also play this Xbox One title natively, with users only needing it to claim it normally to their library via the promotion. Use the store link below with a gold powered Microsoft account to claim it:

Autumn iris: Available until January 31st

Screenshot of Iris Falling

Solve clever puzzles and reveal an intriguing story full of mystery and wonder. With “light and shadow” as its core concept, Iris.Fall takes players on a monochrome adventure unlike any other.

For those who missed it, the finals with the Golden Wave from last year, carry blade fury, is still available for claim as well. Microsoft plans to replace it with a copy of Autonauts In two weeks when the second wave of January arrives.

Games with Xbox One Gold titles claimed through these bi-weekly promotions are only available for play when an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is active on the account.

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