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Gamescom 2023 will show a gameplay video of the crimson desert, and they plan on making it available before 2023

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In response to the Q2 report published in Fiscal 2023, a spokesman for Pearl Abyss talked about the development status of the Crimson Desert and DokeV.

The development of the Desert Crimson is running smoothly, and the developers have a great time to complete the development in the second half of 2023. Despite the fact that development has continued for many years and the standards in the gaming industry have changed, developers are working hard to keep pace with the actual level of games coming out on consoles. The game has been tested several times and received good reviews. A third-party expert who is familiar with the consoles market participated in the test.

After gamescon 2023, a gameplay video will be shown to be a match of the game’s final quality. The video will be shown on August 22 at the first of the first Night live, and it’s likely that there will be a chance to watch this at one of the companies’ partners’ booths.

When asked about the possibility of a long-term deal with any console platform, a company representative replied somewhat evasively: “Any decision of any kind has reached the end of any agreement”

We’re discussing various options with several partners, but no concrete decision has yet been made. We’re going to think about how to bring the game to the market, by focusing on our interests. It’s clear for us that we’re committed to releasing the game on multiple platforms so that as many gamers as possible enjoy Black Friday.

Since the major forces were busy developing the Crimson Desert, the development of DokeV has not been considered to be under any pressure. But soon all the forces will be directing her. Both games are made up of a powerful game engine, in order to get all the new technologies for Crimson Desert real.

The indicators are still stagnant financially. The new addition to Black Desert will continue to improve the performance in the third quarter of 2023.

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