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Gangplank to receive strong set of buffs before LoL Worlds

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It isn’t uncommon for Riot Games to add to league of Legends fairly extensively ahead of the major esports tournament like the World Championship. Each year, certain champions get hit with last-minute buffs in order to bring them into relevancy just a few weeks before the event start. And it looks like we could have just found this year late bloomer.

In a full preview of Patch 13.19, while an independent designer named Matt Leung-Harrison showed the full list of changes coming into the game in the patch. Once again, one of the most notable of the players was Gangplank, whos set to receive a set of buffs just in time for Worlds.

Before all! Y’all was a pity. The change we have to test isn’t for the World’s patch. Several meta effects have started buffing Azir since a day of play. Shav nerf, Trist nerf, AP nerfs to Kaisa that make it harder to pic.twitter.com/cTLgIqNJSf/.

Matt Leung-Harrison (@RiotPhroxzon) September 20-2023

In Patch 13.19, Gangplank will be able to lower his ultimates’ rate by three seconds at all ranks, with the slow thats glued to the Deaths Daughter update increased by 15 percent. It is an additional utility bonus that can be earned by a payless 10-p. cent shift speed buff to Raise Morale (W).

Bandplank is no longer involved in the pro-play season, because his 22.8 percent pick/ban rate in the major leagues during the summer of Split leaves a lot to wish for. Since he was on the other side of the world, but even in his 14 games he played, Gangplanks record sits at 10-4, with three victories coming in eight of the seven champions last seven appearances.

Related Here are the old maps of LoL Patch 13.19. During Worlds passes, Azir nerfs are incorporated into LoL Patch 13.19 plans. Pro play darlings Lee Sin, Syndra and more to get many loyal people just in time for Worlds.

In his current state, Gangplank is in the best interest of minorities. He can be a tight pair of high-earned pairs, if long-term devils will bust their backs against the wall, but he is not a champion whom most people will turn to. However, buffs to his ultimate aim would be an advantage if he was seen more clearly and he would become more interested in worlds.

Our predictions say that the Indians pick/ban rate is a little higher than 2,8 percent at Worlds. His presence on the Rift is a global threat and will certainly benefit from the spread of wealth. A top-lane is commonly considered a real island, which hardly affects the other sands in the game (especially in the early game). However, if he can use his ultimate powers to get a presence around more than one place each time, he can easily switch him into a pick that has great value.

LoL’ 13.19 will last until September 27. It will be the patch that this years World Championship is on. That tournament starts on Oct. 9 with the Golden Guardians and Team BDS qualifying series.


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