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Genopanic confirms October release date For PC

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Mobirate, publisher of Indie-Games, confirmed a new release date for Genopanic, with it being introduced on PC via Steam in March. The game was originally going to be out this spring, but eventually got pushed back with an unknown Q4 2023 date. That team, once again, will complete the game on October 23, 2023. As far as we know, they’re still aiming for a console release in Q1 2024, but that might also change in time. Watch the latest trailer for the next four weeks.

Credits: Mobirate.

“ToGenopanic, a wild metroidvania ride! Wim a microscope, open virtual doggo LAIK, and hush on catgirl AI VOLGA, the station’s troublemaker, and open the dark matter mystery, and try to learn DNA experiments in the cosmic adventure. Find the adorably terrifying GMO critters that you can absolutely desire in your collection! We don’t know what the lab gave to them, but they won’t leave him indifferent. An enormous space station filled with mysteries and secrets. Are you ready to look at the asteroid’s depths? Do you like flamethrowers or plasma cutters? Or maybe grav-guns are the best for you? No matter what you choose, we’re confident you will find the right weapon to defeat any mutant on your path. From insanely silly zombies to massive fat, angry green mutants, meaty flybees, crawling crab-walkers, and the Female Combat Cleanup Squad are all your future foes.”

  • Atmosphere Discover the abandoned space station with breathtaking imagery and unique characters.
  • Weapons Use weapons you can throw, weapon, flamethrower or more in an arsenal to defeat aggressive creatures with the best means.
  • Special suit Find data disks hidden at the space station in order to unlock unique fighting and action capabilities.
  • With four endings in this game, there is a liner story. The final decision of the story depends on the actions of your children.
  • Free exploration Go through the levels of the space station without a deadline discovering secrets and fighting rivals.
  • Music Your atmospheric soundtrack and production of sound effects express the unique atmosphere of the game and awaken you to the space adventure.

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