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Genshin Impact and Gamescom Teaser stand

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The developers didn’t say what they planned to show the exhibition.

Gamescom is the largest gaming exhibition in Europe. Several weeks before the opening of the exhibition, miHoYo opened a teaser dedicated to Gamescom.

The developer plans to focus on the new project Genshin-Cyber, their most popular project. I don’t know yet whether miHoYo will prepare a game announcement or not for Gamescom. Teaser thinks of an opportunity to meet a lot of people around the world and discover the wonders of Genshin Impact.

Most likely, miHoYo will only be present at Gamescom a lot of times. For example, cosplay and events are all offered with in-game rewards. Almost two weeks after the launch of a major update for Genshin Impact, the developers are unlikely to be making announcements for Gamescom.

Honkai Star Rail, a major miHoYo game, hasn’t yet been announced as part of Gamescom.

Gamescom will take place from the 23–27 August.

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