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Get Ready to Conquer The Oxbow In Pre-Mega CoCop Update From Medieval Dynasty!

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You, gamers. Don’t forget to order your chain mail ready because the medieval period is leveling up fast! Developer Render Cube and publisher Toplitz Productions are hyped to waste the entire co-op. Check your calendars for December 7. When this juggernaut rolls out on Steam, please.

When A Fresh and enigmatic World Unlocks, An Open Time await in an exciting world.

In this update, you can explore The Oxbow where they love the new space filled with mystery and cool landmarks. Piastovia is centered around the world, and it kickstarted your medieval life. You’re not a supper, right? The Oxbow brings in workstation workers that add life to every village. Imagine your in-game avatar grooving to the sound of an Axus at the lumber station or watching the laundry slip down on the wind. Talk about immersion.

The creator of a unique tale-made.

Are you tired of generic characters? Go get it wrong. From the Medieval to the ancient Renaissance, you got covered in a new character creator system. From hairstyles and eye style to a bone structure, you can customize the appearance completely. I think you’re going solo or teaming up, your in-game experience really got more personal.

This update isn’t a one-touch pony. This is a new play and map, as well. And heres the worst part of all: this map update aligned with Mediéval Dynastia’ll current roadmap, and was intended to deliver community-requested features as well.

How Big Smokes are Saying?

Matthias Wunsche, CEO of The Stars & Co., put the public up with the message that “Meditanism was brewing for our passionate players to live in an open and sound world.” On the other hand, Damian Szymanski shared that meeting player expectations to a co-op experience was an overwhelming challenge.

Arrived soon to the console near you.

Don’t feel all right for those who rock current gen consoles or play on other PC platforms. It will be a big day for your co-op celebration in Q2/Q2.

Stay tuned, G-LYFE Nation! Your medieval escapade is coming to an end.

PC: Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox S|X series.

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