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Get Ready to Dance: PLAYISM GAME SHOW 2023 hit the screen on September 10th

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Mark your gaming calendars, folks. PLAYISM is increasing your gaming experience by revealing a much-anticipated PLAYISM GAME SHOW 2023.9.10. This digital confab will be available on September 10th, 2023 at 3 PM or 7 PM on the morning of September 10 and 2023, for those who are running on Tokyo time.

What should we expect: New games take the stage.

Get your gear ready. PLAYISM is not just about showcasing oldies, it’s also here to drop different new game titles that they intend to feature at the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2023. Consider it a sneak peek into a gaming show about the boss level.

Streaming Platforms: Where to catch the action?

Look no further than YouTube and Niconico if you are wondering where to tune in. The stream is available for international consumers. If you don’t speak well about the rising sun, it’s the time to bring a translation plugin or join somebody who speaks it.

Time. 3 o’clock, not for the Early-Bed Crew.

Gamer nightowls may find timing perfect, but if youre an early-to-shelf player, make adjustments to your sleep schedule. The event starts at 3 AM on Sundays.

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