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Get the SteelSeries Apex Pro Large Gaming Keyboard for the lowest price ever on Amazon

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SteelSeries makes some of the best hardcore gaming accessories you can buy. Right now, you can get one of their best gaming keyboards, the SteelSeries Apex Pro, at an all-time low price on Amazon.

At the moment, the The SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Keyboard is down to $132.30 on Amazon. This is its lowest price ever and also a big discount of $67.69 from the regular price of $199.99.

SteelSeries claims the Apex Pro is “the fastest gaming keyboard in the world.” While we can’t verify this tall claim, the mechanical keyboard does use OmniPoint 2.0 HyperMagentic switches for its keys. SteelSeries claims these switches offer 20x faster actuation speeds, which it says results in 11x faster response time compared to standard mechanical keyboards.

The switches in each key can also be customized by the owner with 40 levels of customization. This means you can adjust some keys to have a faster response while adjusting others to offer a slower response so they require a deep press.

You can even program two different game results on the same key. You can set a key so that when you lightly press it you walk normally in the game, but a deep press causes your character to sprint.

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Aside from their keys and switches, the SteelSeries Apex Pro also has a small smart OLED display in the upper right corner of the keyboard. This is available to test your switch activation, along with displaying alerts, GPU statistics, and more. It also features a USB port on the back so you can plug in a mouse, flash drive, or other device without plugging it into your PC.

You also get customizable RGB backlighting for this keyboard, which can be changed on a per-key basis, and a magnetic wrist rest for more hours of gaming comfort.

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