Get your cloud storage this year at a special price


Now the year is when everything is being discussed for us, to see if we may make changes. This year, you should stay the same you, but if you’re looking for better cloud storage, you’ll find a good deal. Starting today, starting the 11th of June at 11, the 10th of December from 1 to 4.

Degoo is a cloud storage platform based on AI. It provides more space than the combined three Dropbox and OneDrive versions. Youll have 10TB of space secured with AES 256-bit encryption that’s easy to control and access all of your devices. A file can be shared by other users for extra security, so it’s easy to share the files when you need to with the email, link, or WhatsApp.

If you wanted to have better cloud storage, take advantage of this deal on a lifetime 10TB backup plan thatdegoo Premiumfor just $79 before 1/9.

Prices are subject to change.

Degoo Premium: Lifetime 10-TB Backup Plan 199.99 $.

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