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GitHub goes passwordless with Passkey now available to everyone

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GitHub has joined a long list of services like TikTok and Google that have abandoned passwords in favor of password keys that offer better security. Keypad allows users to log in using biometrics or face ID, eliminating the need to enter passwords. The technology was developed by the FIDO Alliance in collaboration with companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft.

In July, GitHub announced that the company was offering key-password authentication as part of its beta program for users. Now, the company has announced the general availability of Password Key to all GitHub users.

You can go to your account’s security settings and click “Add Passkey” to get started. GitHub also gives users with hardware security keys the option to upgrade to a password key. The company has also known cases with various devices or systems that may prevent users from logging in with a password key.

Currently, Linux and Firefox may experience problems when setting a password key because the platforms do not currently support them. However, GitHub has also added cross-device registration that allows users to register a key on another device such as their phone.

We found that Linux and Firefox users had difficulty using password keys, as these platforms do not yet have strong support for keys.

As a result, we decided to enable cross-device registration of password keys. That is, you can write down a passcode on your phone while you’re using your desktop. The password key is on the phone, but users can connect it to their desktop and configure and verify through the desktop browser. It allows Linux and Firefox users to set password keys.

Last year, GitHub announced Its commitment to enable 2FA on all accounts on the platform by 2023. Passkey’s support will help the company reach this goal. With the general availability of Password Key, GitHub will now prompt users to add a key when they sign in from a compatible device.

Earlier in the day, Microsoft also announced password key support across the entire operating system, which allows users to set a password key regardless of the web browser. Yesterday, 1Password announced that it is rolling out Password Key support to its iOS app.

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