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Give the Commander A, Blood, and Flesh this video so he can start the multiplayer format, the four-player format is on hold

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Legend Story Studios is launching a four-player expansion set for Flesh and Blood, 2019 classic trading card game, which has been brought for the first time to the hit TCG.

Built in collaboration with the content creator and TCG expert Brian The Professor Lewis, this multiplayer expansion, named round the table, comes with four ready-to-play Blitz decks, over 100 new cards, and a total of new hero cards—all of which includes one based on The Professor himself.

Round the Table will be available only in game stores on September 29th 2023.

Flesh and Blood introduces you to the TCG genre, and the MTG is ideal for those looking to mix things up. In a typical game, players become heroes and build a set of 80 cards which includes weapons, equipment and signature move cards.

As for any form of entertainment, players that picked the heroes determines which cards they can bring. Players pitch their hands and acquire resources to pay for other cards. This is an interesting and refreshing system with plenty of room for strategic thinking than mana in MTG and Hearthstone.

Round the Table expands Flesh and Blood to 4player space, and what we think is called a natural fit. In the same way that MTGs Commander is, Round the Table is customized to fit for casual gameplay. The new set was created with new players in mind and will mostly include cards with beginner-friendly mechanics.

The four pre-constructed decks adhere to the Blitz ruleseta slimmed-down version of Flesh and Blood designed for fast games. In Blitz, players begin with 52 cards instead of 80 and play as young heroes with low health. We imagine that quick-fire format will work well in multiplayer, and that could help avoiding too much time-consuming games like Commander.

With the collaboration of The Professor, Legend Story Studios hopes to show to the community how fun its new multiplayer Round the Table format is.

The teacher is vocally supported by Flesh and Blood, and his MTG and TCG knowledge base is called Tolarian Community College that hosts several concerts in which he plays the game. The professor supports local retailers, and since he only sells Round the Table in game stores, he’s eager to expand their role as community community venues and social hubs.

Flesh and Blood is a fun, engaging alternative to tabletop paper TCGs like MTG, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Legend Story Studios has hoped to make the game more accessible to newcomers by the launch of Round the Table and a new expansion to the main game, Bright Lights, is releasing just before the end of a ten minute slot now it’s a great time to jump in.

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