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Go ahead and purchase your keyblades. The new version of the Missing-Link project of Kingdom Hearts was introduced in 2023

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The official account for Kingdom Hearts has shared new key art for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Missing Link game, with Square Enix taking applications for Prototype Test. Despite these efforts, Square Enix only recruits players from Japan, and Prototypes can only work on iOS. The Prototype Test for this game will only recruit 1,000 testers and will start on January 13, 2023. It’s unknown if a new Prototype Test will be available to testants outside Japan but, hopefully, the game will be launched soon in the United States.

The new key art is a moody piece that shows a keyblade wielder in a suburb known for the victorian town. The vile wears dark clothes with a top, a cape and a long coat. Other keyblade wielders in similar clothes are walking or standing in front of the lead wielder in the center of the art piece. The town is a very likely island with scales as their final world, Kingdom Hearts III. The plot’s axis have its own connection with the main villain Xehanort.

Missing-Linkhttps://t.co/EBqZLskGzGCBT()[email protected]#KHML pic.twitter.com/devKZFVjdS

DR (@KHDR_PR) December 19, 2022

Scala ad Caelum was played in the past Kingdom Hearts mobile game, Union and Dark Road. In Union s epilogue, Ephemer built Scala ad Caelum sometime in the past; Brain was born in Scala ad Caelum three years ago. In Dark Road, Scala ad Caelum is a primary setting of the park and is the place where Xehanort goes to school to learn to become a keybrade master.

Missing-Link was announced at Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary celebration. Over the weekend, the missed story beats was set up in Union and Dark Road. Missing-Link allows players to create their own customizable keyboard avatars, and they can take their avatars to the streets of the old Scala ad caelum or Disney worlds. Missing-Link is the first mobile game. Players frighten as trophies of iconic Disney and Kingdom Hearts characters.


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