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Go to the Horde – HumanitZ reaches Steam early

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Hi, listen, G-LYFE Nation! The apokalypse world has just become real. HumanitZ, the world’s newest survival title with RPG twists by Yodubzz Studios and Freedom Games, has released on Steam Early Access. Let’s talk about their grandfather’s zombie game.

He detests or denies. Your message is in the Apocalypse.

You have to make choices, can you? Either you hustling hard, scrapping for resources and popping zeeks to save all the humankind and finding more pain or healing. Do you want to buy a farm? Go ahead. Do you have any other interests in fishing or hunting? This is all right. Humanitz combines with a variety of games in the bleak world.

Get caught up: Survivors and loadouts.

You become a person of the same age as your character. Take the perks, the stats and the weapons you have to use to take down slow-moving hordes and the hardest ones. Whatever your game style you like, the games are tailored so you can create your survivor how you like it.

Take the road by: Vehicular Mayhem.

Journey through the culture. Youre not only hooping it, you have an array of vehicles that may help you through these decayed urban jungles and tangled forests. With the ever changing weather, each mission is the same unpredictable as last.

Build or borrow: Your safety gates?

Nobody survives alone. Choose essentials, build a safe home from scratch or claim an empty building and call it home. So as to become a wolf. Roll with a team of up to four survivalists, all betting not to get their Game Over screen today.

Keep your eyes crossed: HumanitZ in a cool way to start at the pump.

According to Benjamin Tarsa, Director of Education at Freedom Games, HumanitZ wants to defend humanity’s title in his own right. Come be faithful to this unforgiving world with flesh-hungry zeeks, Adapt, survive, and watch your six in a swoop. Is it time to go to the rescue mode?

Platforms: Microsoft Windows.

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