God of the War: 4th most successful UK retail launch of 2022


Dominik Kaufmann | 01/03/2023 09:25 am:

The new Kratos adventure only forced the blockbusters FIFA, Call of Duty, and Pokemon on the island.

Sony Santa Monicas launch went fourth with successful UK success. In addition, God of War Ragnarok is among the biggest launchers in the world – one that does not join the series.

Better known as Horizon

On Twitter, Christopher Dring added that god of war Ragnarok outsold the forbiddor West in retail outlets in the United Kingdom. And this despite the fact that the brutal action against Kratos was released nine months later as a second voyage for Aloys.

When recording the earnings, the importance of a bundle was to increase the price. Sony offered both the two titles during the PS5. That’s why we’ve seen the Aloy adventure rise constantly in the UK last year.

We’ve already learned that no first-party game from Sony had already started as successful as the new God of War. proud 5.1 million PlayStation players struck in the last week’s release. In addition to the Horizon successor, Sony hasn’t announced an exact sales figure yet.

The final report of the cratos and atreus in Norse mythology is available for both PS5 and PS4 since November 9th. That’s why you are tempted to ask me a test.

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