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God of War Players share their best Photo Mode Pics

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There have been almost two weeks since the release of God of War: the 3.0 update of Ragnarok, and this has given the fans of God of War plenty of time to practice their photography in the new photo mode. This practice sure seems to have paid off, because some budding Midgardian photographers have already gotten very, very good.

For those who haven’t yet walked, Ragnarok’s photo mode gives you a lot more fidelity and fuller choice than only an option for a screen cap. You can mess with field of view, camera angles, focal length, shutter, and lighting. You can also use filters to make your photos more intense or to alter your subjects’ facial expressions. You can even remove a single scene to do clean environments.


A reference to God of War’s best piece Is a Mead Hall Brawl.

The majority of what people do on the God of War subreddit was taking incredible pictures of big dolls Kratos, like the shot above that was courtesy of ToSpaceFor8. The Blades of Chaos look particularly photogenic because they offer dynamic poses for Kratos, and have highly lighted lighting effects that add strength to the drama. Besides, they look really cool.

Thanks to GodofWarRagnarok for the great photo mode.

However, not all Kratos shots are based on Blades of Chaos. Here are some images obtained from Positive-Stomach9987. The Leviathan Axe is, and another little shot from HeeHee-Ha Ha Haha using the Draupnir Spear. The Draupnir Spear demonstrates to me how the game’s visual effects sometimes lead to strange expressions.

Or just take the middleman out and look straight to the strange expressions, what Reddit d’Or has exactly done.

There are more people over the God of War subreddit, so check out your chance. But if you missed it, God of War is becoming a TV series. Amazon confirmed that a live-action series will arrive soon on Prime. We don’t know when or who will play Kratos, but we know that Rafe Judkins, author and producer of Wheel of Time, is the production director.


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