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God of War three may be underway judging by new job description

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The new God of War Ragnarok, considering the amount of time it takes for the development of an AAA, will probably work on the next God of War before you try to start.

A list of jobs in Santa Monica studio requires knowledge of the effects of war in one and two of its recent God Of War games.

Although Santa Monica Studios is not the only one that can guarantee that another game will be god of war, it’s safe to assume that a sequel or spin-off is going to happen eventually.

It may be that God of War Ragnarok concluded the Norse saga. But, aside from having director Eric Williams eager to remain working on the series, God of War is a franchise of Sony’s leading players. You won’t lose it if you’re a guarantee money maker.

The studio is already planning anything new, since it started recruiting for a very specific role.

This has a job that is intended to put a combat engineer through a self-taught project. For this purpose, the listing suggests it is not for an action game.

As per the description, applicants should be aware of the law of God of War and a religion of Ragnarok, as well as to speak in depth about combat, mechanics and enemies.

The studio will only want to use its experience with God of War combat for something else, although the question of why would the play make a game with a similar combat to God of War, but not actually part of the same franchise.

With regards to what a new God of War might be a longtime possibility, some fan theories include a sequel set in Ancient Egypt, since that was one of the original concepts for the 2018 game or a spin-off directed towards Kratos son Atreus.

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There is no definitive word when the next God Of War will come out. Even though the adaptation of the 2018 game can be made up with the Amazon TV adaptation, it can help plug the gap.

Again, the show has no opening date, but overall details remain very vague, notwithstanding the role of the star of the book Arsenal, Rafe Judkins, who developed the book The Wheel Of Time for Amazon, tipped as a showrunner.

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