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Google could release a mobile phone in 2023

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A trustworthy anonymous source shared a resource for Google’s plans for the forthcoming iOS version of the Android Phone Store. The resource noted that the roadmap is not broken down, and company’s plans may have changed in the future depending on the market situation and circumstances.

It was the Rita El Khoury/Android Authority of the night.

According to the source, next year Google will release two smartphone numbers in spring, Pixel 7a (codename lynx) and a foldable Pixel Fold (felix), which may also be called Pixel Notepad. The Google I / O event will be in April or May. Despite previous leaks, the Pixel 7a will receive wireless charging and a 90 Hz screen refresh rate. The price of a smartphone is $449. This foldable phone costs $1,799, making it a direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

In autumn of 2023 the company plans to release the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. The source claims these models won’t have significant changes compared to the Pixel 7 series, although the Pixel 8 smartphone will have smaller sizes and a smaller display. The LG 9800 model will resemble the LG 7300.

In 2024, the company plans on creating an akita smartphone called Pixel 8a. The Pixel 7a is a success. If the Pixel 7a does not sell, the company will switch to releasing Pixel A models in two years, similar to Apple’s Apple’s iPhone SE. The price of the Pixel 8a (if released) will rise to $499.

The Google Pixel 9 series will be released in the fall of 2024, with three smartphones in the series: base model Pixel 9 with identical dimensions to Pixel 8, the Pixel 9 Pro, with a 6.7 inch screen, and codenamed model caiman and a 6.3 inch diagonal. It is said that Google will like Apple’s successful smartphone sizing strategy. Also, there will be a third smartphone in the series, but not as big as the Pixel 7. The three new models will use the Tensor G4 chip (codenamed redondo). In 2024, the next version of a folding smartphone could be released.

The Googles plans for 2025 will depend on how successful the Google Pixel brand is with sales in 2023 and 2024. Google is thinking about releasing an electric phone to compete with the Galaxy Z Flip series. If this plan is realized, the Pixel 10 series will be released in the fall, which will include the base Pixel 10 model, the Pixel 10 Flip clamshell, and two Pixel 10 Pro models with different screen sizes.

Besides a variant without the release of a clamshell phone, there are 4 models available to use, with two basic ones with different screen size and two Pro levels, and also with different screen sizes.

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