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Google extended the help of Chromebooks to 10 years. No other OS is offering this support

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Google announced that Chromebooks support will be extended to 10 years in 2024. It will affect all models released after 2021, and the models released before this date will have an extended support option. Previously, support for Chromebooks was 8 years.

Source of images: Google.com.

The company said that this step is intended to raise the security of computers according to her. There is no longer a single OS with a long support period. Some think that Chromebooks are weaker than Windows. One can compare all of the macOS to MacOS and MacOS versions by averaging three years. Windows is about the same ten years old.

Google announced an accelerated repair program for schools’ Chromebooks. A dedicated service center can now complete work 50% faster. Chrome OS will also feature new energy savings features such as adaptive charging and battery savers. This will help increase the battery life of computers and increase the battery life.

Google has already grown the capabilities of Chrome OS. This platform has its own videoeditor and Steam client. Having a huge appload, it is getting caught up with macOS and Windows.

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