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Google hopes to make Chrome less problematic with the new “Early Stable” version.

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Google has announced a major change in the release schedule for its Chrome web browser. With Chrome 110, the company is introducing a new “Early Stable” version that will be released a week before the final “Stable” release. However, the early version won’t be for everyone and Google says it will roll out to a small percentage of users. The software giant, however, does not clearly mention how small this percentage is exactly.

Google explains that this change is intended to address bugs or major issues discovered in the Early Stable release, so that the bug does not affect a wider user base. This makes a lot of sense as chrome has the largest market share.

On the Chrome Developers website, he writes:

We’re making a change to Chrome’s release schedule. From Chrome 110, the initial stable release date will be a week earlier. This early stable version will be released to a small percentage of users, with most people receiving the release a week later on the regular scheduled date, which will also be the date the new version will be available from the Chrome download page.

The release schedule was also released:

For Chrome 110 the main dates will be:

  • Beta: January 12, 2023
  • stable early: February 1, 2023
  • stable: February 7, 2023

source: Google Through: Android Police

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