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Google increases Nest Aware and Aware Plus subscription prices after 3 years

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This year, Google is giving its security subscriptions Nest Aware and Nest Aware Plus a price bump. As per 9to5Google, the company has started sending emails to subscribers in the US about the updated monthly costs.

The new Nest Aware pricing will set users back by $2 every month as the subscription cost has been increased from $6/mo to $8/mo. Meanwhile, the annual Nest Aware subscription now costs $80 instead of $60.

Similarly, Google has increased the monthly price of Nest Aware Plus from $12/mo to $15/mo. Its yearly subscription will now cost users $150, which is a $30 increase from the previous price. Here, users go who for the annual option will be able to save $30 per year when compared to monthly prices.

Google Nest Aware Price increase

Back in 2019, Google re-introduced Nest Aware as a flat-rate subscription for all Nest cameras, speakers, doorbells, and displays owned by the user. However, the changes came into effect months later in May 2020. Before that, it offered the Nest Aware (1st Gen) subscription where users had to buy plans for individual cameras they owned.

While people can use their Nest products for free to monitor activities around their homes, the subscription enables various benefits like cloud-based recording and intelligent alerts. Depending on the camera model, both Nest Aware and Aware Plus can be used to send alerts for familiar faces, sounds, smoke alarms, glass breaking, detect dog barking, etc.

The subscriptions allow users to save event video history for up to 30 and 60 days respectively, however, Nest Aware Plus can also save 24/7 video history for up to 10 days. While there is no specific reason behind the price update, Google said in a support page that “subscription prices can change to keep up with market shifts, which can include inflation and local tax updates.”

Google said it will increase prices in the US, UK, and Australia, adding that the price change doesn’t apply to users to subscribed via partners such as ADT. The updated prices are already effective for new customers, and as per 9to5Google, will go live for existing customers with their next billing cycle on or after November 6, 2023.

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