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Google is always on board to produce AI products

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OpenAIs ChatGPT is a machine learning derived bot that gives humans an understanding of human-like responses that result from its information and input. The chatbot blew the world in the first few months of this month.

Google noticed the ChatGPT storm. It’s being reported that it tries to respond to the storm.

According to New York Times, Google has declared red code and tasked several departments to respond to the threat that ChatGPT poses.

From now until the important conference, expected to be hosted by Google in May, the team at Googles research, trust and safety have been resigned to assist developers and other departments in developing and developing new materials and products.

The likely point in the future where Google describe its advancement in AI would be on its annual I/O where it shows off the progress made on LaMDA, the Google’s AI chat bot.

According to a recent CNBC report, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai described the company as a “small city in 2023”.

In the same year, Google suspended one of its engineers, Blake Lemoine, after he claimed that the company’s LaMDA chatbot was at a high level of sentience. Read more about this here.

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Source: The New York Times.


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