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Google is developing a three-layer technology for playing audio content on multiple devices

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Google rolled out its plans to promote its ability to provide consumers with uninterrupted listening at CES 2023. This year, it introduced a more user-friendly way to switch between connected devices to play desired audio.

Google press release mentions that it works closely with Spotify to allow users to manage and switch playback on Spotify Connect devices available in the Android media player without accessing different apps to control different devices.

The company is also working to provide users with the ability to access audio content on Spotify from their notifications and play it on various devices such as phones, car radios and television without interruption. The feature will work by notifying users of nearby devices based on their location and allowing them to transfer audio from one device to another. Google noted that they are partnering with YouTube Music and Spotify to provide users with this capability to ensure that users get to play audio on the most appropriate device available.

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Google praised its device experience for users by discussing its three-layer technology stack, which chooses the best device for users to connect their audio to by looking at proximity to the device and the context in which the device is being used. Google detailed the layers by saying:

“The first layer identifies which devices are physically nearby, with wireless technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi and Ultra Wideband (UWB). The second layer is nearby device discovery and context-aware capabilities that identify which device you want to use based on your current activity. Finally, the third layer understands and adapts actions based on how you interact with your devices with cross-device intelligence.”

Google also mentioned adding features like Chromecast built-in, NearbyShare and Fast Pair, which make connecting to multiple devices more convenient. Finally, Google argued that the technology values ​​users’ privacy and gives them control over data such as their location data. He added that people using Nearby sharing have the option to set their device visibility to different modes where they can choose to make their devices visible to everyone, their contacts or the user’s own devices.

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