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Google is opening its artificial intelligence search for teenagers aged 13 and up

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Google announced today that the Search Generative Experience (SGE) is now open to youth ages 13-17 in the US. Eligible users can Sign up for Search Labs To try SGE through Chrome desktop or Google app on their phone.

For those unaware, SGE is an experimental feature that displays AI-generated content on top of Google search results. Announced during the Google I/O conference earlier this year, the generative AI feature is now available to users 18 and older. SGE was initially available in the US and made its way to other countries in the following months.

B Blog postGoogle stated:

Today, we’re opening up access to SGE at Search Labs to more people—specifically, teens (13-17) in the U.S.—so they too can benefit from the beneficial capabilities that generative AI has to offer. And as we bring SGE to more people , we continue to deepen our investment in quality and safety, launching important updates and tools that improve the experience and help people find useful and reliable information.

One difference between conventional Google search results and SGE is that users can pose follow-up questions to the AI ​​to dig deeper. To do this, users can click the “Ask Follow-up” option at the bottom of the AI ​​image to enter Converse mode and ask additional questions related to their query.

Recently, Google has started mentioning the website links that back up the information provided by its AI. Users can also press a listen button to have Google read aloud the AI-generated content and hover over certain words to see their definitions.

The search giant said it had “introduced additional safeguards into the experience” based on input from youth development experts. For example, SGE is designed to take extra precautions when dealing with outputs related to illegal or age-related or bullying materials. However, Google cautions that SGE is still an experimental AI feature and that things may go south at times.

Google is also launching ‘About this result’ for its search creation experience. Similar to how it works for regular search results, the attributes will give users more context about how the SGE generated a particular response. The company has plans to add “About this result” for individual links that appear in SGE results.

One area where we’re making targeted improvements is when a query includes an incorrect or offensive assumption – which can result in an AI-driven response that unfortunately appears to validate said assumption.

It’s rolling out an update that will help its AI model better recognize such queries and respond with more accurate responses. In the future, the company wants major language models to “review their first draft responses on sensitive topics” and rewrite their responses based on quality and safety principles.

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