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Google news boards are now available in more countries

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Google is expanding the list of countries where the News Showcase feature is available. The search giant is launching its curated news experience in the Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

As the name suggests, Google creates news boards in various places to display stories from participating publishers. Each news pane displays multiple titles from a single publisher and allows users to read the full story on the publisher’s website.

News Showcase panels are available in Google News (Android, iOS, web) and Discover on iOS and Android. Users can swipe left and right on their mobile devices to access news boards from different advertisers.

Several media publishers have signed up for the newly added Baltic News Showcase feature, including 15min, Kas Vyksta, LA/TV24 Group, Latvijas Televīzija, Lietuvos Nacionalinis Radijas ir Televizija, Naujienų centras, Naujoenų medijostime, Naujohtsios, Pos. TVnet Grupa.

Google said in a Blog post The news panel helps advertisers “deepen their relationships with readers and gives them more direct control over presentation and branding.” Some publishers in newly supported countries have opted for a feature where Google pays for reader access to a limited number of paywalled articles, hoping to convert them into potential subscribers.

Google introduced News Showcase several years ago and announced that it would invest $1 billion in partnerships with news publishers. The feature started with 200 top publications in multiple countries, now there are over 2,700 publications in over 30 countries after the latest expansion.

Besides the showcases, Google has offered its AI-powered research tools for outlets. For example, Delfi and 15min from Lithuania used Pinpoint, which helps journalists analyze large collections of documents.

The latest expansion, which gives publishers more visibility, comes as Google is busy making artificial AI work in as many places as it can. While the AI ​​may claim the prime real estate in a Google search, it may still recommend that you use glue to stick cheese to your pizza.

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