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Google Pay makes it easy to enter card details, displays offers at checkout

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Google has released three new Google Pay features to improve the shopping experience for users. For starters, Google Pay will now display card benefits at checkout to help users with their purchasing decisions.

Users may have cards with various rewards and benefits such as discounts on travel-related purchases or cash back on any purchase. The feature can be useful by making it easier and faster to locate relevant offers.

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Google will display card benefits for American Express and Capital One cardholders when checking out using Chrome desktop. These offers for specific cards will appear in the auto-fill drop-down menu in the payments interface. Google said This will add support for more cards in the future.

The autofill feature has been updated with support for biometric authentication when filling in card details in Chrome and Android. Instead of manually typing in a security code, users can automatically fill in card details after verifying them with a fingerprint, face scan or screen lock PIN.

As an additional layer of security, Google said users can set up a device unlock that requires them to unlock the device before revealing the top-up card details. The company noted that while the autofill will work fine most of the time, there may be times when it won’t fill in the details if we “detect something suspicious.”

Additionally, Google announced that Google Pay’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” option is being extended to more merchant sites and Android apps. The alternative payment method allows users to buy an item online and pay for it over a series of payments.

However, this is only available to buyers residing in the US who transact in USD. Users can choose between different financial providers to proceed with the buy now, pay later option. They can link their existing accounts or create a new account at checkout.

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