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Google Pixel 8 Pro leaked with Audio Magic Eraser and new color option

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According to a recent promo video leak, the upcoming Google Pixel 8 Pro will feature a new audio editing tool called Audio Magic Eraser. The feature will allow users to remove unwanted sounds from videos, similar to the popular Magic Eraser photo tool.

Audio Magic Eraser aims to identify sounds in a video clip, providing sliders to adjust volumes or eliminate them. This could be helpful for vloggers or other content creators wanting to remove background noise or seamlessly add music and sound effects.

The feature should also appeal to those shooting video in noisy environments, as it can reduce distracting ambient audio. By only keeping the sounds you want, Audio Magic Eraser has the potential to enhance video quality noticeably.

The promo video indicates the Pixel 8 Pro will also be available in a new light blue color option, marking the first time a Pixel phone has been offered in this hue. The device is expected to sport a refreshed design, upgraded processor, and improved camera system compared to its predecessor.

Details on the Pixel 8 Pro remain scarce, but with Google’s track record of impressive photography skills, the rumored upgrades have sparked plenty of excitement. The phone’s new light blue color option also brings some welcome variety to the Pixel lineup.

Also, Pixel 8 is rumored to feature a 50MP primary camera using Samsung’s GN2 sensor, with optical image stabilization (OIS) for improved image quality. In addition, the device is expected to feature a 12MP ultra-wide sensor and an 11MP selfie camera.

In July, a report suggested that the Pixel 8 could cost between $50 and $100 more, starting from $649 to $699. While an exact launch date remains unconfirmed, rumors point to an unveiling in the coming months.

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