Google promo: the best smartphone for photography, the Google Pixel 6a surpasses its price


Google. Google Pixel 6a is the best smartphone for photography.

The first printed version of the two-digits were released at 27.12.22 at 17 o’clock.

Many are searching for a smartphone for multitasking applications, others simply to call or use an everyday number of people and couples. But some investors invest one goal in a phone, the desire of having a good camera. Google Pixel 6a kings in this area. It’s on sale on Amazon.

A half lower price for the Google Pixel 6 on Amazon!

A real UFO on the market, the Google Pxiel 6a is worth a thousand thousand dollars and isn’t breaking its price! The Google Pixel 6as reputation is second to none when it was released last year. The optimal quality / price – consistent with Google’s standards in terms of accessibility to its products – and its camera make it the undisputed king of photophones.

The popular price of the Google Pixel 6A stands at 459. It’s pretty expensive, but Amazon decided to stop at the launch price: The merchantmazon site cracks and displays this star entirely at 327. It’s just crazy. If you don’t have the budget for war machines worth over $17, don’t hesitate.

Get the Google Pixel 6A at 327 for $1 on Amazon.

Google Pixel 6A: The best smartphone for photography, but not only!

The Google Pixel 6a is the first smartphone with the Google Tensor chip, a processor developed by Google. It was created from a collaboration between Google and Korea’s Korean company. With 128 GB of storage, 6 GB of RAM and 5Git compatibility keeps up.

Photography is surely the strength of this jewel. One on the back has two sensors: one with a main sensor of 12,2 mpx and an ultra wide-angle of 12,4 mpx, but not something ordinary you think. In fact, the Google Pixel 6a shines a lot on image processing. Especially due to the Real Tone feature, which naturally restores all skin tones.

You can get the results of your shooting on this 6 inch OLED screen in full HD resolution. At this price, you’ll have to pay 60Hz, the contrast to the Pixel 6.

You have a smartphone that will fulfill almost all needs of informed users. Especially since Google provides huge security updates over several years and 5G compatibility.

Buy the Google Pixel 6A at three27 on Amazon.

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