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Google renamed ‘Collections’ back to ‘Saved’ after making several design changes

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Google has quietly renamed its integrated bookmarking feature across services from “Collections” to “Saved”, suggesting a renewed focus on the utility. The feature allows users to save links from Google Search, videos from YouTube, images from Google Images, places from Google Maps, and more to a centralized location.

This cross-service bookmarking feature was initially introduced in 2017 as “Saved”, then rebranded as “Collections” in 2020. Also, the design was significantly changed in November 2022. Google said, “The redesign focused on speed and simplicity by emphasizing the user’s content upfront and making it easy to organize and access saved items.”

After several redesigns, Google has brought the name back full circle to “Saved”. The change is reflected across the Google app on Android and iOS, as well as on the web at google.com/saved.

Google Saved is back

The interface displays a grid view of the user’s saved content, with “All saved items” at the top and “Your collections” below. A button in the bottom right corner labeled “Create” allows users to make new collections. Users also have the option to share any of their collections with others.

Google has not yet made an official announcement about the name change of this feature. However, the support page now refers to it as “Google Saved.”

On the Google app or at Saved, you can save:

  • Images (Google Images)
  • Places (Google Maps)
  • Recipes (Google Search)
  • Shows (Google TV)
  • Movies (Google TV)
  • Web pages (Google Search)

On the Google app, you can also track products.

The company has struggled over the years to create a seamless bookmarking system across its suite of products. While the name change may seem minor, it could indicate Google’s continued commitment to improving cross-service bookmarking.

The return to “Saved” suggests bookmarking features remain a priority within Google’s product roadmap. This is important because bookmarks can be valuable to keep track of interesting content, come back to it later, and share it with others.

Source: 9to5Google

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