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Google sets the date for Pixel 8 presentation

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Carlos Oliveira

The third of August, 2023, 2022, 1040pm.

Time of lecture: 1 minute

Google just announced the date for its next big fall event. In the invitations sent by the tech company, it will be on the day for October 4th that the next Google’s Competition will be hosted.

The company has not confirmed which products it will present on this occasion, so it’s almost certain it will be the stage for the unveiling of the Pixel 8. This is also the month traditionally used for the unveiling of its flagship smartphones.

Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 will be announced on October 4th.

The Google invitations are the type of event that the technology company will present the new additions to the Pixel portfolio. Given this clarification, there is little doubt that we will officially meet the PIxel 8 line on this day.

The event takes place in the city of New York at six o’clock in Lisbon. I want this to be broadcast on YouTube so you can see all the new news that Google has been making live.

What kind of coincidence would they happen in this order of events? Maybe it wasn’t possible.

Google is recognized for its strategy to inform the public about the rest of its Android smartphones. It is not surprising that the company intensifies this approach at the time of the presentation of its new products.

If Google had just announced that it would appear, it would certainly appear to be the second generation of the Pixel Watch. After the enthusiasm for the unveiling of the company’s first smartwatch, the mood for this product becomes calmer.

But Google could even improve the processor and the battery of its next smartwatch. These new features may improve the user experience.

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