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Google to Sell Map Data to Solar Business Plans To Earn 100 dollars in first year

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Google is planning to give the new map datasets to a number of solar companies. According to CNBC, the tech giant is planning on earning up to $100 million in its first year.


Google actually sells access to new APIs (ass web) with information about solar energy and air quality. One of these, Solar API, could be used by solar panel installers such as SunRun and Tesla Energy, and solar panels developers such as Aurora Solar. Google also considered further earning opportunities among real estate companies such as Zillow and Redfin, hotels like Marriott Bonvoy and utilities like PG&E.

Some data from the Solar API are likely to prove that there is a pilot project called project Sunroof, a solar energy savings calculator, launched in 2015 (the program allows users to enter their address and calculate the approximate solar energy costs given the cost of gas consumption and the size of the solar PV facility).

A photo shot from the project Sunroof.

Google plans to sell data in the same city or county in accordance with the API and aggregate aggregated data for each city or city. The company claims to have data on more than 350 million buildings (that’s a significant increase from the 60 million buildings it mentioned during Sunroofs 2016 launch).

Solar PHPH is expected to generate the highest revenue in the first year of launch from 90 to 100 million dollars. Google plans to sell an air quality API with digital heat map data and hourly information, and 30 days of air quality history.

Google is currently licensing its mapping API for navigation to companies such as Uber, costing 58 million dollars a three-year period.

It is not disclosed how much money the Google Maps division earns, but it is historically one of the most profitable companies in the business world. In June, the company cut staff from Waze, acquired in 2013 and merged the division into Google Maps.

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