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Google will add a secure “private space” to apps in Android 15, among other things

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Google concluded its annual developer conference, Google I/O 2024, with a slew of announcements related to its Android operating system on several different platforms. This includes the upcoming Android 15 operating system for smartphones and tablets.

in a blog post, Google says it will add what it calls a “Private Space” feature to Android 15 when it launches later this year. Google stated:

It’s like a digital safe inside your phone for the apps you don’t want others to easily access or see. For example, you can hide health or banking apps in your private space to keep your personal information visible to you only.

Google added that since the feature is integrated in Android 15, the private space you set will be able to prevent the rest of your smartphone from accessing data and notifications from any sensitive apps.

Another Android smartphone security feature that will be added soon is called Theft Detection Lock. When the feature is enabled, the phone will automatically lock if it senses that the phone has been stolen by a thief from your hand.

Google Wallet will also get some improvements for US users later this year, it will be able to scan and store digital versions of real items like event tickets, library cards, car insurance cards and more.

If you have a Google TV-based smart TV or streaming box or stick, it will soon be able to make some AI-based recommendations on what to watch. Google says:

Now with Gemini, it’s even easier to choose what to watch with AI-generated descriptions on the home screen, personalized for you based on your genre and player preferences. AI-generated descriptions will also fill in missing or untranslated descriptions for movies and shows so you’re not left guessing.

Finally, Google will release its latest smartphone operating system update, Wear OS 5, later this year. Google says it will dramatically increase the smartwatch’s battery life, and will also include some improvements to its fitness apps.

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