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Google’s Android 13 broke Microsoft Intune on Samsung phones, fix available

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Users of Samsung Galaxy devices, mainly S22 and S21, who have installed the Android 13 update, have noticed that there are registration problems with Microsoft’s Intune. The Redmond giant acknowledged the problem and announced that a fix is ​​now available.

Microsoft explained that a system reboot will be required to automatically install the necessary updated Android Device Policy app. In case boot does not work, users can also install the package manually from the The Google Store Also, and follow it up with a system restore afterwards.

Microsoft writes:

We were recently alerted to an issue where Samsung devices cannot register as a personally owned work profile in Android 13. Users may see a dialog box saying that the profile could not be created. The S21 and S22 devices are confirmed to be affected, but other models may be affected. We worked with our friends at Samsung and Google, who issued a fix.

In order to resolve, we recommend that administrators tell users to reboot the device. The Android Device Policy app will download during registration, but it will not change user experiences. If rebooting doesn’t fix the issue, try instructing your users to install the Android Device Policy manually in the Google Play Store, then reboot and start the signup flow again.

Samsung has provided More Details about the subject:


With S22 devices running Android 13, users cannot complete registration when creating a work profile for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) provisioning. Attempting to complete the registration results in an error:

Can't setup device. Contact your IT admin for help.

Then the error message appears:

Unable to create Work Profile.

solving the problem

A server-side fix has been provided. To resolve the issue, restart your device before registering. If the problem persists after a reboot, install the Android Device Policy app from the Google Play Store before proceeding with registration.

You can find the official blog post Mouth.

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