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Gotho of War, Hanejoty, Elden Ring. Today, the JV gave the best video games in 2022

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The game news God of War Ragnarok, Elden Ring Here are the best games of the year 2022 for JV.

Published at 11:00 on 12:31 to 2022.

If you want to know who are the best games of 2022 on JV, then look no further. There are the nine most beautiful notes of all year, all platforms and all genres combined.


“Hag-a-Fool”, 2. O’Bayonetta 2Horizon: Forbidden WestElden Ring: RequiemNBA2K23Two Point CampusRogue’s 2Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Ragnarok, god of the war, has a god.

This isn’t very surprising, and the god of war is all right – Ragnarok is one of the best games of 2022. Last year, the Santa Monica Studio, saw the duo of Kratos and Atreu in an epic family epic in a new and more epic way than in 2018. Ragnarok, an event that is popular in Norse mythology, is the screenplay backdrop of the game. Result: 20/20.

There is a moving, epic, generous and very dense epic in this new episode. Santa Monica does at least very well in every aspect of its game and promises to make you feel a string of emotions, so we can keep aside its few weaknesses.

Bayonetta 3

The famous witch produced a new action game bomb this year on Nintendo Switch. In Bayonetta 3, the lilais du Umbra have new abilities and a new look perfect for battling the strange creatures called homunculi that can ravage New York causing a tsunami. We like the gameplay that is still fluid and enjoyable, the gamechanging demon summons and the game-changing scenario that is far more ambitious than usual. Result: 19/20.

Bayonetta 3 definitely re-opened the Platinum Games witch. With this new adventure, Bayonetta gives the realization once again she is the queen of beatem, offering as exhilarating and dazzling battlefields as ever and hence a multitude of new weapons and methods of summoning demons. that create the way to the conclusion of a JV test to defeat.

Horizon : Forbidden West: Forbidding America.

Horizon returned this year with the episode Forbidden West. In one postapothectic universe, the story still is in a world where mechanical creatures are legion. Aloy, our experienced hunter, is the time to decide to fight the Hades virus and save all the life on Earth. We retain in particular from this unnumberable epic universe a sumptuous AD, with more exciting exploration and then a strategic and lively combat. Result: 19.

From a well-said first episode to an extremely successful project, Horizon Forbidden West hits the stars, making it a true culmination for the Guerrilla Games studio system, but also for the open world classic in general.

Elder Ring

Elden Ring, presented at the Game Awards, has been honored with the award for GOTY 2022. Hidetaka Miyazaki and George RR Martin are the collaborations behind Game of Thrones. Your mission is to become the new master of the Underworld, a world theorized by the thirst for power of demigods called by the mighty Circle of Eden. We had the pleasure of discovering a world of a very large open world, a very successful artistic direction and a truly rewarded curiosity. Result: 20/20.

With its new open world dimension, Elden Ring perfectly creates FromSoftware studios very effective formula and provides to the souls a spiritual sequel which is both ambitious and accessible. The study is finalised.

Plague Tale: Requiem.

In The Plague Tale: Requiem, Amicia and Hugo leave for Provence after escaping the trap of the rat and the invasion in Guyenne. The two heroes are still battling the plague rats, and Hugos abilities still threaten the people seeking to sell power. We really liked the long, well-written and breathtaking adventure, the richer gameplay that provides pleasant choices and very enjoyable graphics for varied settings. Result: 18-20.

Plague Tale: Requiem is the game of confirmation. The sisters believe in their little brother when the world crumbles at their defeat. Now, the talent of the Asobo Studios. Offering richer gameplay without crashing the formula, this sequel never forgets the essentials of its genre. We completed the test.

NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 demonstrates a big success in sports. The game license, introduced in 2023 in Jordan, reintroduces the Jordan Challenge, which allow players to reproduce the fifteen most important and spectacular moments of Jordan’s career. We loved the longer life expectancy, the improved animation or the shooting system, whose harder and simpler it is for us to shoot! Note that we talk about the Xbox Series and PS5 versions here, the PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One versions being significantly below. It was followed by the 18/20 result.

the GOAT’s Michael Jordan can be proud: NBA 2K23 is PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series is all that has been said. The game in addition to the already ruthless lifespan, greatly improved solo and multiplayer thanks to the My NBA mode, built with 4 styles, the return of the Jordan Challenge, the co-op mode in My Team and the Career Theater, the gameplay will delight some. Preventing the JV test.

Two point campus

In terms of management games, Two Point was a very nice surprise. This time we go to universities after the hospital component. The purpose is to manage a campus where students can attend atypical courses such as the school of chivalry or even salivary gastronomie. The scenarios are changed, the formations are varied and the universe is also playful and glittering. Winner: 18/20.

Two Point Campus will be a more perfect copy by improving management games. Its incredible two-phase system is a wonderful way to combine all the best of both worlds: a game where you can build without having to worry and be a cuddle, and a game where you can observe the results of the work with pleasure. The examination of the tibet was finished.

The Rogue Legacy 2 is a good example.

On the indie side, we absolutely loved Rogue Legacy! The cellar door games studio has offered us a sequel to its first success, but, as such, the concept is quite simple: a player must investigate a procedurally produced environment divided into several biomes inhabited by bosses. With each death, you have to take the journey again and select an heir with random genetic attributes. Various classes offer a diverse variety of play styles. Result: 18/20.

The sequel to the cult 2013 – cult which widely viewed rogue-lite, has been in the same place as the original version. Having more than one-on-one success, the Cellar Door Games studio has adapted a smart mix of metroidvania and random levels. The test is about to be done.

Xenoblade: 3 p.m.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is certainly a playable game that shouldn’t be missed this summer on Nintendo Switch. Players were invited to the world of the Ancient Observers, where the nations Keves, developed using its technology, and Agnus, specialized in the magic field, are in war. Six soldiers from the two belligerents will be the focal point of the intrigues of the conflict. We savor stories from the beginning of war and death with a vast cast of engaging and empowering characters. Results are 18/20.

With the Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the Nintendo Switch welcomes new essential role-playing game in its catalog. Ignoring the subtle tone of the second episode, the title conveys a wonderful and intriguing scene, rich in twists and feelings, complemented with a beautiful soundtrack. The exam concluded at the end.

In addition to Xbox 5, it’s the PlayStation 5.


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