GrimGrimoire OnceMore launches April 4, 2023 in North America, April 7, Europe


The book GrimGrimoire OnceMore will launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch on April 4 in North America and April 7 in Europe, the publisher NIS America announced. It’s being updated with English and Japanese text.

You can see an overview of the game at NIS America.


The new classic gaming game GrimGrimoire started by Vanillaware. The new versions come to an end – full of new features and a new development is due to come.

Get the aspiring mage Lillet Blan to the Golden Star Tower, a famous magician’s academy. What isn’t the thing about the tower walls, monsters and menaces lurk around. Use magic as a weapon to remove the secret hidden in the tower and discover the truth of the silver star tower again!

Key Features

  • Spellbinding Strategy Animated fantasy combines real-time strategy in this beautifully drawn adventure, filled with classic Vanillaware charm!
  • Enhancements GrimGrimoire OnceMore goes on a lot better with new skills, improved user interface, art gallery and so much more.
  • Alluring Augmentations Experience the bewitching adventures of Lillet Blan now with remastered graphics and beautifully hand-drawn visuals in high-definition.

Watch the new trailer below.

Academy Trailer


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