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Guilty Gear Strive Update 1.24 Out for Balancing This December 15th

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Arc System Works released todayGuilty Gear Strive update 1.24 (PS5 version 1.024) for PC, PS5 and PS4. Today’s new update features a ton of character balancing. Check out the upcoming note below for Guilty Gear Strive December 15th.

Guilty Gear Strive Update 1.24 Patch Notes | Guilty Gear Strive Update 1.024 Patch Notes | Guilty Gear Strive December 15 Patch Notes:

Added support for cross-platform features between the PlayStation4 and the PlayStation5 versions with the Steam version. Online matches are now possible across platforms and they can view the rank, replays and creations of players with Combo Maker and Digital Figure on other platforms.

*Cross-platform features are used for playing on a regular basis between PlayStation and Steam.

Added an option to turn two-platform play to either On or Off, in the settings under System Settings. This is the default on On.

Before going to be called, went to My house. Online Match You can enter Towers and Open Park with the support of cross-platform play. Players Match Your abilities on the platform will be met with players in the new room even though the platform is set to All during create-room/Search Room.

While on board: Online Match You will enter the Rank Tower and the Open Park as exclusive to each platform. Players Match You won’t be able to change Platform setting from same Platform during create/searching space.

There was a Platform Icon with Player Name. The icon on each platform will be displayed for players on the same platform (including between PlayStation 5 and PlayStation4), while the other icon denotes players on a different platform.

Added a search/display filter for cross-platforming to Ranking, Replay, Combo Maker, Digital Figure and more. You can choose between all of the players on the same platform as you, and all of the players on other platforms, if you’re yours.

A confirmation message will now pop up after selecting Tutorial from the main menu.

The Arcade Mode boss theme Crawl could be appointed BGM now.

Fixed a bug where a high-voltage GM didn’t know how to run properly.

Some missions were affected without showing what was said.

Fixed a few minor bugs.

Added a function to report other players. This option can be selected using R-Code.

The player will be analyzed from different angles. If they are determined to be malicious, measures such as suspending them from online games may be taken. Do not abuse the report function too much.

Please note that we can’t respond to questions regarding the contents or the results of play evaluations.

Added a Mute function to that list the Player’s Name and any text sent to that player from your screen. The mute function can be selected from the R-Code of the player you want to mute. The player won’t know they’ve been muted.

A player can change his appearance. -Player Name If the player is just the same platform as you, it will show their ID. If they are using different platforms, it will show them GG players. -Text sent The text from the muted player will not be shown in chat bubbles or in the audiobook. Digital Figure and other users’ site-created content. You can’t view content from the powerful player. -Match replays You won’t find a replay from the uploaded player.

No players will be taken over instantly after the game closed down.

For specific players, modification was made to the block in-game block function. It is not only possible to be made to matches without the blocked player, but now imposes restrictions to the Player Name and the text sent from them, compared to the Mute function. Blocked players remain blocked even after the conclusion of the game.

In the online lobby, member list and the name of blocked players is now red.

The names of players that you follow are now displayed in blue in the members’ directory, and moreover in the lobby.

An error where an incorrect message could be displayed after achieving the Follow limit.

A bug was fixed when the message had been wrong when the block was dropped.

Opponents can now be blocked from the Results screen after a match by holding the Block the Opponent button.

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