Gundam Evolution Update 2.00 for Gameplay Adjustments This Dec. 20th


Bandai Namco has released the Gundam Evolution update 2.00 today for all platforms. Today’s update includes gameplay balancing and adjustments. Check out the section below which has notes to offer.

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A change in the rules in the game.

  • Using and reactivating destructive weapons in the Destruction rule will be changed according to the following rules. Time: 3 minutes, 4 minutes. 5 sec. 4 sec. The length of disarming was shorter than the time for the installation. The design was slightly positive and the extended battles were more expensive than anticipated. By adjusting the setup and release time, we strive to balance the attack and defense so that we can reduce the number of extended battles.
  • The time limit for the discovery of points and the time for the acquisition of one’s area will be changed according to the following rule. Point Capture Time limit: 300 seconds 240 seconds. Time addition: 180 seconds 120 seconds Destruction time limit: 300 second 270 second. More time: 210 seconds, 150 seconds.

In many units, adjusting the number of units may be the right fit.

We’ll implement that change, mainly because it’s a bug. Many other balance adjustments will be used separately during the maintenance scheduled for 12/26.

Marasai [UC] Sea Snake ensnare. Since the first season of the second season, projectile speed increased significantly and is being replaced by previous parameters.

Asshimar Napalm Grenade A projectile hit detection has been reduced to correct a problem where it would hit a wall with close contact or with a wall with direct impact.

Zaku II. Large Heatsplash (Slash): big-slash. The damage suffered by disabled equipment and a disabled unit will be adjusted to the 400 capacity.

Other updates

  • Locked equipment can be used in practice now.
  • Room Chat will no longer be available in Casual and Ranked Match.
  • A new UI will be added to allow users to move from the Home screen to the Present Box.
  • The time allowed to receive gifts from the present box will be extended from 10 days to 30 days.
  • 50 CP will be sent to the gift box to those who play the home version and have earned a larger number of beginners challenge rewards.

That’s the patchnotes. Gundam Evolution is available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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