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Hades, award winning Roguelike, currently 50 per cent On Steam

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Time to escape the Underworld!

A journey of immortality awaits. Escaping out of the world isn’t easy, but it was never more fun. And no longer will it be better. The award-winning, original animated game, Hades, can be found now on Steam for 50% off. With the announcement of Hades II coming to Early Access in 2023, it might be more time to grab the first game. The game has certainly been praised and praised because it is so impressive that it is a rich game. Now is the time to explore.

Hades is a frank action game that puts players in the shoes of the princess. Hades’ father and his prince of the Underworld. As players attempt to escape the underworld on a quest for the surface, Zagreus players will attempt to escape the unknown. A father is to blame you for not stopping you. As you travel through the underworld you will face hordes of Hades minions, as well as fearsome bosses. Lucky for Zagreus he has an infernal arsenal left to his disposal. Each has a huge difference. And yet, that’s not all. He’s getting helped by his athletics. There are endless options for playing the game with many bumbles and upgrades.

Now, players who haven’t seen the game are able to watch the game on the trailer that’s coming in 2020. Take a look at Zagreus in action.

Hades is available for 50 cent off until January 5th on Steam. The game is only $199 now. Keep ahead and jump in Hades.


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