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Hasan shocked by his success as a political streamed down into gaming-centric Twitch

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This year Hasan will likely end the year in a similar direction to those who watched U.S. streamers on Twitch, according to Streams Charts. Because of the fact that he doesn’t play games on the platform, he surprised himself to find where he stood.

It’s crazy that the most watched Twitch streamer in the United States in 2022 was one who covered America’s politics, he said. Five years ago, that was unknown. Nobody would have thought that would’ve been a normal thing.

The most watched @Twitch streamers in 2022 from the USA: @hasanthehun @Asmongold, 4, @kaic.

Streams Charts December 27, 2022.

Hasans channel led all other creators of the United States with 80.05 million hours watched from January to the day after Christmas. But he was very closely followed by Asmongold who only had 79,28 million hours watched in spite of an extended hiatus.

People quickly asked whether asmongolds numbers included his alternate channel, which he streamed on regularly during his break from the Asmongold channel, and Streams charts confirmed that wasn’t. In the count, if both channels had been used, Asmon would have recorded more than 99.3 million hours watched, beating Hasan.

But that doesn’t distract from the massively successful year for Hasan, who continued to use his channel as a means to entertain and inform viewers of current events, though, despite being able to still use his channel as a host.

Hasans success is partly due to his big airtime figures. Hadan broadcast 2.447 hours of time live on Twitch. Hasans viewers kept him top of the watchlist, with he was the fifth on the platform in general. The Canadian television producer xQc led Twitch with more than 220 million hours of watch and more than 3200 hours of airtime.


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