Haunted Chocolatier: New details for the Stardew Valley Dads game


Eric Marone is working on Haunted Chocolatier since 2020, but, in fact, there are not many more people who know the game yet. In a review, the Stardew Valley developer has a little more information about his new project and published details of that project.

We quickly decide who was behind the title. The graphics, animations and sounds remind me of the Stardew Valley, which was created that time and when also Eric ConcernedApe Marone made his own sound. The developer has published at least two small pieces of information into his new project.

>> Excavator Simulation & Co.: Simulations for the tough < world.

So he wants to take action after Stardew Valley. According to him, the setting of Haunted Chocolatier isn’t super magical, because it just wouldn’t fit after his last game. Sadly he can be a bit more creative since his character lives in a haunted castle and buys them from here and sells them in his shop.

No matter what it is, Marone has found, only a small amount of lessons learned from the past mistakes. He’s working on that novel in the late 2020s, and when asked how much time does his job go, he says, I have an ambitious vision. It’s a bit scary how much work that will be. The one-man developer had overreached himself with Stardew Valley, which forced a lot of stress and a long production time.

When it comes to Early Access, Marone explains how. According to him, Stardew Valley was already in Early Access, despite the numerous upgrades that would have largely expanded the game after the release. The Haunted Chocolatier will likely be the same.

In contrast to his last game, there will be considerably more battles in Haunted Chocolatier. Despite this, the general principle of game is to visit the world and find ingredients there, make chocolates and sell them in the store. The players started running the store themselves, but later, the ghosts were helping out. A few simulation elements have to be introduced.

Haunted Chocolatier Early Gameplay Trailer.

In this video, Haunted Chocolatier shows first-hand characters. The title is from Eric ConcernedApe Barone, the creative mind behind the Stardew Valley.


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