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Having a good Xbox Game Pass: Games remain on course for the first half of January

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Xbox Game Pass has still been completed for the first half of January and Microsoft is still a long way off with an announcement.

Microsoft is taking extra time to announce the Xbox Game Pass for the first half of January 2023. It seems obvious that the responsible have stayed in extended hibernation and haven’t arrived on their office chairs yet.

Even though Megan’s MC Game Pass briefly tweeted, it has not forgotten that the subscription to Xbox Game Pass is still in use. They are already working on the announcement of new games. Hopefully the first half of the month won’t be over by then.

But the month of January 2023 seems very pretty.

Game Pass January 2023 / Xbox 2023.

In addition, Shadow Warrior would soon become part of Microsofts subscription services. As long as you go, you should grab your new perk and get the Dead Space Add-On Bundle 2 for free.

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